Alban Koci graduated in Law, at the University “Aldo Moro” in Bari (Italy), in 2004 (Doctor of Jurisprudence).

During 2004-2007 he practiced as an assistant lawyer in the city of Bari. In 2005 he cooperated with the Studio “Braka & Associates” in Tirana. In 2008 he started working as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law in the subject of Forensics, and later, in 2011, he is one of the founders of the Law Clinic, responsible for the criminal department.

In 2014 he received the scientific degree “Doctor”, in the field of Legal Clinic, with the topic: “Clinical Legal Education, as an integral part of legal education. Comparative view “.

Since 2016 he is in charge of the Anti-Corruption Program, which takes place at the Law Clinic.

He is also in charge of the joint project with “W&L” University (Lexiton USA) for organizing joint lectures with college students in several countries. He is in charge of imitation trials in the context of anti-corruption cases in the public administration: “Performance of the case in court: Bardhi case”.

In 2019 he was announced the winner of the “International Anticorruption Excellence Award” for applied scientific and academic research.

He has done several scientific papers and publications inside and outside the country, in the field of Legal Clinic, Anti-Corruption and Access to Justice.