Artili Mandro

Family name: Mandro
First names:Artili
Date of birth: 28/05/1989



(Date from – Date to)

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
University of Tirana, Faculty of Law

January 2013 – on-going

In the process of getting PhD diploma in the topic: “The right to have a lawyer, focus on civil and administrative due process. – Albanian legal system deep analysis (the right to a fare process, procedural and material law) in comparison with EU procedural law to e fare process”.
University of Tirana, Faculty of Law


Graduated with the Second level of Integrated”.  [Both bachelor and master degree].
National Chamber of Advocates

2012 on going

Getting the License of Lawyer as free practitioner

License no. 6234, Tirana Chamber of Advocates

–           Legal representation before the court (civil law, family law, administrative law, criminal law)

–           Drafting agreements, legal contracts

–           Legal advising (labour law, family law, civil law)

2011 – 2014

University “Marin Barleti”, Faculty of Economics

Bachelor degree. Financial Accounting, Micro-economy, Marketing, Financial Management

“Asim Vokshi “ High school of foreign language Tirana for ”German-English”,

High school diploma for Foreign languages  – English and German. (Nr.reg 7836 No.spc.regj. 6715 grade point average 9.75)


  1. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 – excellent; 5 – basic)
Language Reading Speaking Writing
Albanian Mother Tongue
Italian 2 2 2
English 2 2 2
German 2 2 2


  1. Other skills:
  • Fully computer literate (Windows, Internet Explorer, Outlook): Office Skills (Typing, windows, word, Excel, Outlook); ID:LC2-30155
  • Monitoring activities such as of court decisions, etc
  • Taking part in a lot of training activities such as:
    • Training program on Mediation [ 23-25 November 2012] –Foundation of Conflict resolution
    • Training program about “Monitoring the local electoral process” [10 April 2011] Albanian Helsinki Committee, Swedish Helsinki Committee
    • ”Ways for woman empowerment” [February 2011], USAID
    • ”Moot trial simulation” [March 2011] Foresees bureau for development and the training of prosecution for the Department of Right of the USA (Certified).
    • ”Knowledge about the Environmental Legislation and the challenges of applicability”, [31 May-4 June 2010] organized by REC
  1. Present position: Assistant Pedagogue, Faculty of Law, University of Tirana
  2. Years of professional experience: 6 years
  3. Key qualifications:
  • Deep knowledge of Albanian legal frame and international standards especially in the areas of Human rights, constitutional Law, Family and Children rights, Domestic violence, non discrimination, administrative law;
  • Pedagogical skills, advisory legal skills and trainer skills on EU legislation (Acquis communautaire) and Albanian legislation
  • Good Organizational skills gained through different group and individual projects developed throughout the academic year as a student and pedagogue
  • Experience in writing Memos.
  • Very good conducting research.
  • Experience in writing research papers.



  1. Specific experience in the region:
Country Date from – Date to
Albania April 2011 – On Going

  1. Professional experience
Date from – Date to Location Company & reference person Position Description
September 2017 – Ongoing Tirana, Albania Faculty of Law, Public Law Department, University of Tirana


Prof.Dr. Sokol Mengjesi, Dean of the Faculty.

Assistant Pedagogue –           Preparing lectures for some courses of the full-time, part-time and masters programmes in the field of Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Philosophy of Law

–           Updating and enriching the lectures on constitutional law with the latest developments, with a special focus on political rights and freedoms, including the right to vote and electoral systems.

–           Albanian law analysis (material law in practice, comparison with court practice from Constitutional Court, High Court of Justice and national courts as well).

–           Albanian courts practice in comparison with ECoHR and ECJ

–           Working on the performance of the seminars (questions, case studies, presentations, etc.)

–           Engaging continuously on legislative and scientific research (human rights comparison approach, right to a due fair process, procedural law)

January 2013 and



Tirana, Albania NGO-Counseling line for girls and women/Counseling line for boys and men

Iris Luarasi- Executive Director

Legal adviser and counseling Legal Advisor

–           Offering and giving advice to abusers in domestic violence, actively involved

–           Elaborating and drafting legal analysis in domestic family law (including courts legal practice in comparison with Albanian family legislation and law on domestic violence

–           Domestic violence analysis (Albania)

–           Legal adviser in different projects

–           Advocacy.


2012-2013 Tirana, Albania NGO-GADC (Gender Alliance for Development Center)

Mirela Arqimandriti – Executive Director

Legal adviser, trainer. Drafting manual –           Conducting training seminars on empowerment of women and girls on their economic rights and labour one

–           Organising awareness raising campaign on women’s role on the economy (advocacy)

–           Drafting reports on the success and impact achieved through the training seminars

–           Domestic Labour Law analysis (courts legal practice, labour law cases in comparison with human rights standards, comparison analysis of the national social scheme )


October – November 2017 Tirana, Albania NGO – Albanian Center for Legal Trainings and Studies” ACLTS

Supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands


Arban Tutulani –Exceutive Director

Legal adviser, trainer. Drafting manual –           Conducting seminars on family/civil law rights and obligation (target group teachers in primary school system);

–           Drafting reports on the success and impact achieved through the training seminars

–           Drafting analysis comparing domestic family law with cases in practice (in particular the property right of the women)

–           Co author in drafting a manual about children and family rights in Albania.