Prishtina International Summer University | 12 – 22 July 2022

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“Mjetet dhe instrumentat për parandalimin e dhunës në Familje”
Prishtina International Summer University | 12 – 22 July 2022

Prishtina International Summer University – OPEN CALL

The University of Prishtina – – is glad to announce the open call for 

students interested in taking part in the PISU 2022, 21st edition. This is a fantastic 

opportunity to capitalize on your potential and widen your horizon across 13 courses 

delivered by international experts. 


Do not miss the chance of becoming part of an innovative learning community 

that values ‘humans’ as contributors and co-builders in shaping new meanings 

and cultural identities. 


Open to both international and Kosovo’s students, the PISU serves as a catalyst

for academic and cultural encounters, attracting international academics and students

across four continents. Apart from studying a course that matches your interests, 

you will enjoy excursions, cultural programs and extracurricular activities to explore the 

beauty of Kosovo. 


Key dates: 12-22 July 2022

Venue: University of Prishtina, Kosovo


Register your interest by applying at

Explore our Course Catalog by clicking  HERE.


Program fees: the program is currently free for citizens of Balkan countries (Non-EU), 

while a fee of EUR 100, which includes full board – food and accommodation –

is applicable to foreign students. (Please note that travel expenses are not included). 


For any further queries, please contact us at 


Kliko këtu -> PISU 2022 _ Course Catalogue _ V2.0

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