We are contacting you in the name of the United Nations Association of Albania, a civil society organization dedicated to informing, inspiring, and mobilizing the Albanian youth to support and promote the values and activities of the United Nations.


Through this email we would like to inform you that from 29 April – 1 May 2022, our organization will organize Simulation Game 2022, one of our main activities which consists of simulating one of the highest decision-making bodies of the UN. During this edition, the UN Security Council will be simulated, in which our country, Albania, holds a non-permanent seat for 2022-2023. This year’s topic will be “The Afghanistan question: Enduring the protection of Human Rights in the Afghan territory”, and it will address the humanitarian crisis and human rights violations that occurred in Afghanistan during the Taliban takeover.

The Simulation Game is an excellent opportunity for Albanian youngsters who want to improve their public speaking, debate, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership skills, by putting themselves in the shoes of a diplomat. Moreover, they can learn more about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations.

We would be very grateful if the University you represent would  post  this activity on its social networks or in joint groups so that the University students can be informed and have the chance to apply to be one of the participants in this simulation.

Below you will find the link of the application form, which you can share with your students: https://bit.ly/Simulation-Game-2022 


Applications will remain open until April 19th, at 18:00.

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