As the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Maltepe University, we are proud to announce and invite you for the 8th Annual International Humanities and Social Sciences Student Congress (IHSSSC) organized by Maltepe University. The conference will take place in Istanbul, Turkey between April 02-03, 2020.

We would appreciate if you could please circulate the invitation within your department and forward it to your students should they be interested.

Since 2013, IHSSSC has brought students from around the world giving them the opportunity to present their research interests and discuss ideas on various important topics in social sciences.
This year, the conference is devoted to the topic of “Pleasure”. Please find below some sub-topics that will be discussed under this main theme and details on the dates and logistics. Detailed information will be provided upon request.

We welcome students at both undergraduate and graduate level from all fields of social sciences to actively participate in IHSSSC 2020. We invite students for abstract submissions. The abstracts will be evaluated by the review committee for paper and poster presentations.

IHSSSC will be held at our affiliate five-star Marma Hotel located in the campus. The University will cover all accommodation (including hotel fees as well as breakfast, lunch and dinners) for students whose submission is accepted as paper or poster presentation. Travel expenses (round-trip) will have to be covered by the participant himself/herself.

Students whose submission is accepted will also have the opportunity to take part in the organization of the conference if they want to.

Please consider this as an official letter of “call for partnership” in the international student congress. We kindly expect to receive an official reply from your institution at your earliest convenience.
On behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences:
Assistant Professor
Maltepe University
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Istanbul / Turkey

For details please contact:
IHSSC 2020 website:
IHSSC 2020 Main Theme: PLEASURE
 Conference Topics (but not limited to)
 Social Pleasure
 Approach and Avoidance
 Behavioral Activation and Inhibition Systems
 Reward, Reinforcement and Pleasure 
 Pleasure Systems in the Brain
 The Role of Pleasure in Decision Making
 Creativity and Pleasure 
 Esthetics/Art and the Brain
 Drugs, Substance Abuse, Addiction and Pleasure
 Eating Disorders and Pleasure
 Sexual Pleasure
 Politics of Pleasure
 Fun, Leisure, Sports and Pleasure
 Technologies of Self, Body and Pleasure
 Consumption and Pleasure
 Free Will and Pleasure
 Taste, Culture and Pleasure
 Morality and Pleasure

Abstract Submission Deadline:  February 24,2020
Notice of Acceptance: March 9,2020
IHSSSC: April 02-03, 2020
There is no registration fee for the Congress. It is sponsored by Maltepe University, hence, expenses specified below are covered by Maltepe University free of any charge.
Accommodation during the Congress at 5-star “Marma Hotel Istanbul” Flight Tickets
Transfers from airports to the hotel and from hotels to the airports Personal Expenses
Breakfasts, lunches and dinners
Gala Dinner
Overestimated accommodation
Access to all sessions Transfer demands from the campus to the city center
Coffee breaks Extra drinks and meals
Conference materials Guests’ participation and expenses
İstanbul sightseeing Visa expenses –if required-

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