Environmental law internship

Queen Jadwiga Fund – Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland
Environmental law internship

Internship per studentet:

The project “Rural Watch – improving CSOs role in supporting transparency and accountability of public authorities and business in the rural areas” (https://www.vezhguesirural.org/) is offering an internship on environmental law with a focus on monitoring and control of extractive and energy industry (EEI) in Albania. The project is implemented by Eco Partners for Sustainable Development, Albania in cooperation with BlueLink, Bulgaria and ResPublica, Albania.


The purpose of the internship

The purpose of the internship is to carry out a legal research on municipal competences in the field of environmental protection in Albania and more specifically on those related to monitoring and control of EEIs. The intern shall review the existing national legal and administrative framework and, if needed, have interviews with governmental officials and other respondents. The intern will supported and supervised by the legal team of the project. In the course of the internship the intern could get insights in the work of the project on the EEI hotspot cases.


The result of the internship will be a study on the municipal competences in the field of environmental protection in Albania and more specifically on those related to monitoring and control of EEIs. The study will be drafted in English and translated into Albanian.



We encourage applications from motivated law students with interest in public/environmental and/or human rights law.  We expect applicants to have at least a first degree; and Masters degree students are encouraged. We are looking for students with a good academic record who are committed, hard-working, positive, open-minded, reflective and willing to learn. Fluency in written and oral English and Albanian language and good drafting skills are required.



The internship is on a voluntary basis, and no payment is provided. Compensation for the costs incurred in relation to the internship will be provided. The intern is wholly responsible for all costs related to health, accommodation and any other expenses. We assume no liability for any accident, ill health or other misfortune that may occur during the internship.


Application procedure:
Send a cover letter to the contacts below by June 3, 2019 explaining your motivation and a description of what you hope to achieve during your internship at the project. Specify your main skills and interests and relate them to the thematic areas of the project. Also specify your availability during the requested internship period, and indicate the time commitment.


Expected time commitment:
1-3 months, starting from mid June, mutually agreed. The daily commitment will be not more than 4 hours per day.


Contact details:
Mrs. Entela Pinguli. Project manager: entela.pinguli@eco.al

Mr. Plamen Peev: International legal expert: peevplamen@yahoo.com


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