On behalf of the Organizing Committee of Peja-Coference, it is our great pleasure to invite you and your esteemed associates to the 7th Internation al Conference with the Theme ”Tax System in the function of Sustainble Development”, which will be held in Peja, Republic of Kosova, November 23rd-24th, 2018.

We have already received more than 90 proposals for articles from the First Call for Papers, and among them editors approved about 30 abtract proposals that were in line with the Conference Theme (see attached list). 

If You want to submit a Paper, there is still a chance to send Your Abstract.

This International conference is organized by the Institute CSARA (Center for Science Academic Research & Arts) in cooperation with the prestigious MCSER institute in Rome- Italy, European University College « Dukagjini » and the Institute « INI » from Montenegro.

The Conference will gather a great number of academics and researchers from the different fields and sciences as well as expert practitioners who will present their work and knowledge.

Who is CSARA ?

CSARA is an association of scientists and professionals with applicable scientific and academic profile, that are traditionally engaged in approach and advancement on specific issues of interest to society from a research and scientific point of view.

Institute CSARA is Co-organizer of this International Conference, every Year from the Year 2011.


  • CSARA – Center for Academic & Science Research
  • MCSER – Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research, Rome (Italy)
  • Eurepean University College Dukagjini, Peja
  • INI – Institute for scientific Research and Development (Montenegro)
  • Avlija – Institute (Montenegro)
  • Municipality of Peja (Kosovo)


The 7th International Conference Organizing Committee is composed traditionally by: Research and Academic Staff Members of: Institute “CSARA” (Center for Academic & Science Research) Staff in Kosovo,  University of Prishtina, European University College Dukagjini, Universities of Albania and Macedonia and the Research Institute INI from Montenegro, with the organizative support from MCSER – Institute in Rome (Italy).

Members of the Organizing Committee are:


  • Prof. Armand Krasniqi, UP, Institute CSARA
  • Prof. Edmond Beqiri, UNHZ, Institute CSARA
  • Prof. Elez Osmani, Institute INI, Montenegro
  • Prof. Fatos Ukaj, UP
  • Dr.sc. Sokol Pacukaj, MCSER
  • Prof. Husnija Bibuljica, UNHZ


  • Dr.sc. Ariana Xhemajli, Institute CSARA
  • Dr.sc. Bekë Kuqi, UNHZ, Institute CSARA
  • Dr.sc. Fjolla Trakjaniqi, Institute CSARA
  • Dr.sc. Merita Dauti, UNHZ, Institute CSARA
  • Dr.sc. Mirjeta Domniku, Institute CSARA
  • Dr.sc. Shefqet Dervishaj, ATK, Institute CSARA
  • Dr.sc. Gonxhe Beqiri, Dukagjini College, Institute CSARA
  • Dr.sc. Rajan Arapi, Peja Municipality, Institute CSARA
  • PhD(C.) Alma Shehu Lokaj, UNHZ, Institute CSARA
  • PhD(C.) Emin Neziraj, Institute CSARA
  • PhD(C.) Jahja Lataj, Institute CSARA
  • PhD(C.) Jeta Nushi, Peja Municipality, Institute CSARA
  • PhD(C.) Reshat Nurboja, Institute CSARA
  • PhD(C.) Napolon Beqiri, Institute CSARA
  • PhD(C.) Vjosa Hajdari, UNHZ, Institute CSARA
  • PhD(C.) Vlora Berisha, UNHZ, Institute CSARA
  • PhD(C.) Kastriot Gjocaj, Dukagjini College, Institute CSARA
  • PhD(C.) Mimoza Luta, Institute CSARA
  • PhD(C.) Denis Spahija, University Fehmi Agani, Institute CSARA
  • MA Teuta Kryeziu.

Editorial Board of this association, which consists of professors and eminent scientists from seven developed countries of the world, has decided to organize a thematic international conference, exclusively on the tax issues and tax system, being convinced that theorists, researchers, practitioners, professionals ect, will have an opportunity to contribute on a significant level, from a multidisciplinary point of view.

Proceedings from the conference will be evaluated as a valuable possibility to create a business agenda through discussion of key themes about policies, with a prospective to facilitate trading through investing across borders.

The conference will be a platform for rational and useful exchange between business representatives and main policymakers for basic tax issues, which have integral role in trade facilitating and sustainable development.

CSARA welcomes the opportunity for this conference to be an open and constructive dialog with the aim of strengthening the integrity of tax system and sustainable development, to contribute in formulation of tax policies that promote investments, job creation and economic growth.

Theme of the Conference:


Conference objectives:

  1. To gather scientists, academics, and experts, appertaining to tax system field in order to expand specific and general knowledge through exchanging ideas and opinions concerning science role in the advancement of tax system and taxes in general for domestic and regional countries.
  2. To engage the research and scientist potential of researchers, practitioners, participants, professors, from interdisciplinary fields. Moreover to provoke and promote discussions about innovations, movements, concerns and challenges with which modern societies face, without neglecting possible solutions of sustainable development.
  3. To publish a proceeding with scientific approach and value, that will not only contribute in our social lives, but moreover to provide necessary information for researchers, policymakers, society and for a country in general, on improvement of tax system and taxes.
  4. To contribute in the field of social and human sciences, focusing on strengthening the association between practice and theory on specified topic.
  5. To establish a discussion forum with emphasis in the impact of political potential to improve the actual condition in taxes field, submissions of different ideas in order to understand better the importance of tax system and taxes through dividing results of scientific research, methods and strategies.
  6. To promote collaboration between policymakers and researchers regarding the improvement of tax system and taxes.
  7. To introduce results and achievements from cases of integrated electronic system models implementations in the field of payable turnover and tax declarations.
  8. To contribute and raise awareness on improvement, importance and challenges of taxes and sustainable development.

Subjects of conference:

  1. Tax policy oriented in economic growth and sustainable development.
  2. Law security and disagreements prevention.
  3. Mutual relations of trust and responsibilities between payers/tax authorities.
  4. Promotion of tax policies oriented on economic growth.
  5. Taxes security.
  6. Reduction of double taxation and strengthening of tax payers security.
  7. Policies and administration of taxes required to accomplish the Sustainable Development Objectives.
  8. The role of tax systems in transition countries.
  9. Enhancement of tax effects in a specific country through sustainable development.
  10. Role of taxes on increasing sustainable economy, investments and trading.
  11. Social dimension of taxes (poverty, inequality and human development).
  12. Development of tax capacity and tax collaboration.
  13. Role of national integrated systems payment turnover.
  14. Role of international organization on field of taxes ( OECD, UN, EU ect)

Note: Editorial Committee will approve only contributions in subjects that correspond with Conference topic. Proceedings that are not in accordance with objectives and aims of Conference will be refused.


  • Economic science
  • Law science
  • Information and communications technology
  • Ecological science
  • Tourism science
  • Political science
  • Agro-environment
  • Customs sciences
  • International relations
  • Diplomacy
  • Journalism
  • Integration relation
  • European integration
  • Sciences of administration and management

Other fields that correspond with tax system in function of sustainable development


  1. Abstract submission deadline: 30.08.2018
  2. Confirmation of abstract acceptance deadline: 10.09.2018
  3. Full paper submission deadline: 30.09.2018
  4. Confirmation of paper acceptance deadline: 20.10.2018
  5. Conference date: 23-24.11.2018


Conference will be held in Peja. More details about a specific location will be provided in time.


Publication of papers

Papers which are presented in conference will be published in individual form in “Proceedings”, indexed with ISSN code (International Standard Series Number) ISSN 2336- 9426 E COBISS.CG-ID 22703888 and Online in electronic PDF format on internet URL addresshttps://www.csara.eu/ojs/.

Authors are invited to submit their papers via email address: conference@csara.eu.
Language of the paper: English